Tutorial For Newbies – How Does The Fire Restoration Work?

When your house is on fire (literally) the first step is calling fire police to stop the fire and prevent it from further spreading. However, the majority of people don’t know how the whole process of restoration and repairing works. To understand better the whole process, we will write about the fire damage restoration process “in the first person.” However, we will try to keep things as simple as possible.

Step 1. Emergency contact

After you call the fire police, the next step is to call a fire restoration company. The reason for this is because they will be able to work on something while the fire department is trying to fight the fire. Let’s say that your roof was damaged by the fire and the fire is still on – the fire department does not have time to fix your roof to prevent your property from the further damage of heavy raining that is soaking the streets. Now, it is the time form the fire restoration company to do the roof repair and prevent more damage.

Step 2. Preparing a plan and assessing the damage

The fire restoration company will assess the damage of your property by determining the extent of fire and soot. Further they go, bigger the damage. According to their extent and overall condition of the property, experts will create the plan of action, along with calculations and costs. At this point, you will know exactly how much damage your property have suffered.

Step 3. Cleaning up and fixing your property

After they assess the damage and present your costs, the team of experts will come and start cleaning. The first thing they will clean is dust, smoke, and soot. All the soot and stains make your property darker but don’t worry since the professionals will clean it.

After this, the next thing is an odor. Odor can harm your health so make sure you tell them to do the thorough cleaning to clean all the particles. Carpet cleaning is an inevitable part of the fire restoration process, and the company you hire will have a part that does carpet cleaning, so you don’t need to worry about hiring carpet cleaning company.

You need to throw away all the items that were burnt too much (furniture for example) – the company you hire will do that for you, just say what you want to throw away.

Step 4. Restoration of your property and consultation

When everything is clean, the process of renovation can start. Carpets, cabinets or furniture that are not damaged too much will be repaired. Those that are damaged completely will be replaced with the new ones. The company you hired will provide you with useful tips and suggestions on how to prevent fire in the future. Try to adopt their suggestions (placing some detectors for example) to prevent possible problems and save your property from unnecessary damage.

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