Prevent House Fire By Following These Three Simple Steps

Our house is our sanctuary, and we feel nowhere as good as we feel at home. Since we live in the modern era and our household is full of electronic devices and electrical installations, we have to know that keeping our house in good shape is a must. Household fires have become common in the past 15 years. One reason for that, which takes around 5% of overall cases, is “a bad luck” or an accident, while the remaining 95% is our mistake. To help to reduce this 95%, try to follow the very next steps.

Check your house’s electrical installations thoroughly

You can do it on your own – just check the cables and their conditions. They must be fixed securely, without traces of lost isolation layer. Check your wirings in attic or similar spaces where pests can make a damage. Watch out for overloaded circuits and sockets, flickering lights, individual cable connections or some types of wires that are different than copper. Namely, aluminum wires are good for wiring, but if you connect aluminum wire to a copper one, due to an electrolytic reaction, a massive amount of heat can be generated which can lead to a fire. Use antioxidant compound to aluminum connections to avoid likely disaster. However, it is the best solution to contact the professionals who have a lot of experience with wiring – they will know exactly what to look for and how to prevent the possible disaster properly.

Be VERY careful with heaters!

The crucial thing is to keep flammable materials away (shirts, couch, rugs) from the heater – it is one of the most common reasons for a household fire. Another thing is also setting your heater to a low/mid option – never set it to the max! It is advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendations┬á and try to avoid extension cords.


A lot of people don’t know, but one of the top causes for a household fire is a cigarette! Never smoke in your bed because you can fall asleep and the cigarette will start a huge fire. Also, when you want to clean your ashtray, always put the ash and cigarette filters in the sink, wash a little bit, and place in the trash that is at a safe distance from your house!

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