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Equipment required for fire damage restoration

Facing fire emergency is a dangerous, risky and challenging task on so many levels. While the fire is still on, most activities should be left to emergency services, fire department and paramedics, if there are people endangered or hurt. Once the fire is extinguished, a new set of challenges are revealed. The deterioration left afterward is usually significant, and there are still various health risks all over the place. After the fire, there is always a risk of water damage, air pollution, various gases, soot and smoke particles in the air in all premises, mold, electricity danger and finally – there’s a lot of dirty work waiting for you. All of this is best left to professional fire restoration technicians, but if you decide to roll your sleeves on and do some cleaning on your own, here are some basic safety measures and basic equipment you need to have to restore the damage after fire excess.

Avoid dangers and protect yourself

After the fire is extinguished, most people rush into the house to determine their exact loss and to try to save things immediately. This often leads to lack of caution and potentially harmful consequences. Thus, be aware that fire is often followed by water damage, either due to damaged pipes and plumbing elements, either due to water used during the fire-fighting process. Another threat comes from electric circuits and appliances. The air might be severely polluted by various dangerous gases emerged after some organic materials burned. Finally, there is a risk for a while after the fire was put out for parts of construction to collapse and physically hurt you. All of these are the reason to get yourself properly dressed and equipped before you step into the house after the fire is gone. Always wear helmet, gloves, and boots. Turn the electricity supplying off, at least until you get assured that all the electric circuits, wires and appliances are intact. Carrying a gas mask or any mask is recommended until you provide adequate ventilation in all premises.

Sponges, cleaners and various chemical solutions

Since pretty much all the surfaces will require deep cleaning and through removing of smoke and soot stains with specific chemicals, equip yourself with sponges, detergents, soaps, brushes and various industrial products, such as white vinegar, designed to remove deep and tough stains. However, there’s a trick to remember: before applying any chemical solution, use sponges for dry cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and soot first. Purchase various highly – alkaline ph solvents that will remove carbons effectively, especially from big surfaces, such as affected walls.

Rent or purchase powerful machines for cleaning

You’ll have to do a lot of cleaning work in a traditional manner – soap, water and a brush. However, when it comes to deep cleaning of carpets, curtains, furniture, elimination of air pollution, smoke particles and dust, you will need to equip yourself with powerful machines and tools, such as HEPA or HAVEC vacuum cleaners. Some of these may be rented, in the case you skip the easiest manner – hiring a professional company.

Get the best roofing and fire restoration services

If you ever endured any fire damage as an owner of any property, then you know how serious this problem can be. Fire and water damage are just issues that no owner can ever anticipate but, should be ready for when it occurs. Fire damage can occur due to many different reasons or environmental influences. A slight electrical malfunction, severe weather conditions, anything can contribute to such situations.

roofing-1When these unfortunate events actually occur, it is always best to know who to call first. If you are looking for the best roofing and fire restoration services, Great Roofing Trumbull CT contractor should be your number one option. They are a leading fire restoration and roofing provider in Trumbull and they can handle any situation put before them.

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Any property compromised can be restored

Whether you are having an industrial or a commercial property compromised by fire, you cannot allow it to put a halt on your everyday life and your activities. With just one simple call, our team can get there, assess the situation and tell you the best course of actions that will take care of your problem in the best way possible and in a timely manner. We know how important time is in these situations and that you want your property back to normal as soon as possible.

Our professional team of highly trained experts in the field will give their best to return your property to its original condition. If it is possible, they will manage it and you can rest assured about that. They are using only the highest quality fire restoration and roofing materials necessary to get the job done. It is very important to properly assess the situation and the damage, develop a comprehensive loss summary and then, based on this information, estimate the repair and the material that will be used through the restoration process.

Both roofing and fire restoration services imply that we use our own resources and materials but, we can work with your material as well if we assess that it works well for the given situation. These contractors have all the necessary resources to complete any renovation work that your commercial, industrial or residential property requires.

This will save you time and money when it matters most and it’s important to know that these Trumbull contractors always put their clients first. They will be also happy to give any useful advice on such matters like roofing and fire restoration services in order to help educate the people.