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Equip Yourself For Fire Restoration With These 4 Items

Like in every job which involves a potential damage and hazardous effects, fire restoration process requires from you to be fully equipped for the action. From gloves and boots to special chemicals that can help you in removing soot stains left behind the fire. Many people have asked about the equipment you will need for this job. We would spend a lot of pages to describe and name every piece of equipment, so instead of that, we will try to mention the most important pieces of equipment and provide you with the brief description.

Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges For Damaged Walls

These sponges are ONLY for dry cleaning – it means that you need must avoid cleaning of surfaces that are wet. Fire-clean up requires you to remove all the soot before you apply any chemicals or liquids for cleaning and polishing. This sponge has everything you need to for this job – works like an eraser and it collects all the dirt, soot and smoke in a sponge material. In a nutshell – the sponge is great for all kinds of cleaning where the solvents don’t help. When you finish with cleaning, just wash it under the water and let it dry and you can use it again.

Latex wall cleaner in tube

It is a must have! Its high-alkaline pH removes the carbon particles from the walls. To use it, just apply it on the ball using a brush. After you apply it, leave it there to absorb the carbon. After it’s dry, simply  peel the whole layer from the surface and you are good to go. Note that this chemical can be applied to stone, ceramics, wood, glass, plastic and wallpapers.

Odorx Bad Odor Blocks

The blocks are vacuum-sealed and as soon as you open the bag, the deodorization begins. You can put them anywhere you want to remove an unpleasant smell – from attic, to the ventilation systems. Each bag has 25 blocks usually and you can choose apple, cherry, lemon and orange aroma. Almost all companies use these for deodorization.

Benefect Atomic Degreaser

This strong solution is perfect for smoke-damaged surfaces and what is the most important, it is safe for people and pets around it. How is that possible? It’s made of botanically ingredients! You can use it to clean walls, wooden and metal objects, floors, pots and pans, even appliances. Just make sure, after you mix the solution with water, you leave it to stand for five minutes.